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Inglés como segunda lengua

English as a Second Language

Being able to speak English will allow our students to improve themselves, both personally and professionally. Our mission is to offer an option to a generation whose needs are based in a globalized world, a world in which communication and language play a major role in society.

We maximize our students’ potential by offering them the chance of learning a second language. Having an understanding of English will allow our students to enter a global workforce with the necessary skillset needed in this day and age.

We encourage students to study abroad. For a minimum of 6 weeks, up to 6 months, students have the opportunity to go on an exchange and immerse themselves in the English language, either in Canada or England. This experience will not only increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, but will also expand their perspectives and boost their employability in the future.

Through our partnership with The Keystone School (Pennsylvania, USA), students can obtain a US High School Diploma (International High School Program), allowing our students to obtain a High School diploma in the United States and to be accredited for universities abroad.

Learning a foreign language helps to make deep connections with people, as well as making us aware of different lifestyles and cultures, which is fundamental for today’s generation!

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